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Exotic Honeys of the World - Tasting Set (6 Jars)

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This incredible collection of 6 exotic honeys contains a full spectrum of colors, favors, textures and aromas of some truly rare and exquisite honeys. Save $9 off the regular price, and get Free Shipping!


This collection of 6 exotic honeys from around the world contains a full spectrum of colors, flavors, texturs and aromas of some truly rare and exquisite honeys. Save $9 off the regular price of these honeys, and get Free Shipping!

The Wild Bee Organic Creamed Blue Borage Honey 17.6oz

This certified organic, raw creamed Blue Borage honey is foraged in meadows in the high country region of the Clarence Valley in the South Island of New Zealand. The nuances and flavors of this supercreamy white honey are sweet, light and simple. Luscious, fruity notes with an unmatched smoothness and warmth. You will love it drizzled on or sharp cheddar cheese, or spread straight up on an English muffin.

Chilean Gourmet Tiaca Honey 8.8oz

A unique honey made from the nectar of the Tiaca blossom, a beautiful tree indigenous to Chile. This honey is harvested through a delicate manual process traditional to this area. No temperature manipulation is used at any step in the production. Bright, light fruity flavors with a hint of vanilla frosting makes this a perfect dessert honey with fresh fruit or a warm pastry.

Apicoltura Dr. Pescia Italian Sunflower Honey 17.5oz

Dr. Paolo Pescia lovingly collects this delicate, creamy Italian sunflower honey entirely by hand, including the scraping of the honey from its comb. His bees forage around pristine rural landscapes of the Chianti region. This delightful honey has a mild fruity flavor with very light aftertaste. A slightly grainy texture with citrusy brightness, and never overwhelming. A great breakfast honey that is delicious with pears and creamy cheeses, or to sweeten a cup of hot green tea.

Savannah Bee Company Sourwood Honey 12oz

Award winning Sourwood honey from isolated sourwood groves high in the Appalachian Mountains.  A rich, roasted complexity, this is a serious tree honey that is almost savory with a background hint of sweetness. Notes of maple, cloves and a roasted complexity.  This is a serious honey, and great on hearty breads and rich nutty cheeses. 

Big Island Bee Organic Hawaiian Ohia-Lehua Honey 9oz

This certified organic Ohia-Lehua honey is foraged by the bees on the slopes of Mauna Loa on the Big Island, and is an exquisite example of the rare, indigenous single varietal honeys that Hawaii is famous for among honey connoisseurs. Ohia is the name of the tree, the most common native tree that still blooms in Hawaii. Lehua is the name of the flower blossom, and is often the first form of life to sprout directly out of hardened black lava flows. The tree is vital to Hawaii's natural ecosystem. The texture is both smooth and grainy - and leaves the tongue with a cooling aftertaste. Hints of white chocolate and creme brulee'. This honey is a delicious treat on its own, and is also a great compliment for fresh tart berries or salty crisps.

Apipharm Greek Fir of Vytina Honey 8.8oz

A strong flavored fir tree honey from the forests of Greece's Mt. Vytina, which have been supplying the Greeks with full-bodied, dark flavored, nutritious honey for thousands of years. This remarkable honey hits the nose with forest aromas, and delights with warming flavors of spiced apples and hard cider. It has a gooey consistency and pulls like taffy. Perfect for flavoring and sweetening savory dishes and marinades. Also great in strong black teas.

Exotic Honeys of the World - Tasting Set (6 Jars)