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Apicoltura Dr. Pescia Italian Mediterranean Wild Heather Honey 17.5oz

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Quick Overview

Apicoltura Dr. Pescia collects this gourmet wild heather honey from the Italian coastal region near Livorno. Hints of red raspberry and cinnamon, in a honey with remarkably complex character and luscious texture.


This purplish Mediterranean Heather Honey is gathered from heather growing wild amidst the maquis shrubs growing on the hillsides of the Livorno on Italy's Western coast. Heather (calluna vulgaris) is a hardy shrub that thrives in sandy acidic soils, making for a complex honey that is both aromatic and earthy.

Apicoltura Dr. Pescia is Tuscany's premiere honey producer. Dr. Pescia himself is a second generation beekeeper, with a degree in Agricultural Science from the University of Padua for his thesis on experimental beekeeping. His hives are moved throughout protected meadows and forests of Tuscany as the varieties of blooming flowers change with the seasons.

Tasting Notes

This gritty honey seems to "taste red" to me - like the reddest tomato, or the reddest raspberry or the reddest cherry candy you have ever had. Aromatic cinnamon notes and a dark purplish-red tint radiate from this exquisite Italian gem. Real luscious texture, complex and delicious. Great blended into fruit sauces and smoothies, and perfect with herbal teas.

Apicoltura Dr. Pescia Italian Mediterranean Wild Heather Honey  17.5oz